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Bio - Heather Miranda

Heather is a native of southeastern North Carolina. She called Wilmington and the surrounding areas home until recently when she made the move to the Raleigh- Wake Forest.

Heather has studied multiple art mediums by attending workshops, as well as, attending studio classes at Cape Fear Community College. It was at CFCC she learned best studio practices and explored various mediums including acrylic, textiles, photography and drawing. Additionally, during college she had the opportunity to give weaving demonstrations at a weaving studio located on a historic site in Wilmington, NC.

Her favorite mediums to work with currently are watercolor, pen and acrylic.

As a child, Heather had the pleasure of calling the beaches of southeastern North Carolina home. Here she found a love and respect for nature. You can see influences of coastal living in her artwork.

She has a bachelors in education from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Additionally, she has a masters in Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Sports Management from NC State University.

What does Apogee mean?

According to Merriam Webster, apogee has two meanings. A. It is the point that the moon is at it's furthest orbit from the earth and B. To be at the highest point (culmination). I initially came across the term apogee when scouring nautical reference books.  During the apogee phase of the moon, the tides tend to be lower than normal and during this time it exposes areas in the marshes and beaches that once were covered with water allowing for treasures to surface.  This was a special and exciting time for me as a child looking for scotch bonnets, sand dollars, and sea glass. For me, Apogee Art Studio is a place to display the culmination of my love for nature, life experiences, and coastal heritage. 

My Exhibitions


Raw Raleigh presents Reflect

January 10, 2019

RAW Showcases are live events that feature hand-selected independent artists in all creative genres.;visual art, fashion design, film,music, performance art, hair & makeup artistry, and photography Every day our international team works to spotlight local artistic talent through local eclectic RAW events in 70 cities around the globe. 

Visit my events page to purchase your tickets, today!

Upcoming Dates


Coming Soon 2019 Event Dates and Information

Upcoming Dates


Coming Soon 2019 Event Dates and Information


Wake Forest, North Carolina
e: [email protected]