fullsizerenderWhy Apogee Art Studio?

Growing up in south eastern North Carolina I am largely effected by my coastal heritage. A common topic for anyone living along the coast is tides. I have always been fascinated with the ever changing power and solidarity coastal tides have. Much like life, regardless of the storm or circumstances, tides change. Tides are driven by the coming and going of the sun and moon.  So on my search to come up with a name for the studio I pilfered through nautical writings and stumbled upon a piece about perigee and apogee of the moon and it’s effect on tides. During apogee the moon is farthest from earth causing the least amount of variation on tides or very low tides and creates what’s known as a Neap Tide. As a child I longed for low tide as it exposed the sea glass and shell treasures along the beach and tide pools teeming with fish and crabs ready for a closer look. Apogee also means to be at the highest point of development or climax and for me, Apogee Art Studio is the highest fulfillment as an artist. Apogee Art Studio is a platform to share my art work and the ebb and flow of my journey in the big city.

About the artist?img_5741

I was born in coastal Wilmington, NC and have remained a resident of eastern North Carolina until my resent move to beautiful capital city of Raleigh, NC. I have been creating art work since I was child,

Willow, the studio assistant.

but only in resent years have I  revisited painting and drawing with intentionality. Picking up the pencils and paint brushes has become a way for me to share my passion for nature and specifically, my love for sea life. When I’m not in my studio working on a piece I’m exploring the city with my Boykin Spaniel, Willow and finishing graduate school at NCSU for Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Sports Management.

Commissioned Work?img_0809

As I have begun to share my art work with the community, friends and family, I have encountered requests for commissioned pieces. I always love having those conversations about what it is someone may be interested in. Of course, if I feel a piece is outside of my range of ability I will be glad to offer recommendations or an alternative approach to a piece. If creating a piece for you is something you may be interested in please feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss the possibilities!

What is your art process?

My art process begins with a picture or idea and many sketches. From there I will either
transfer the piece to a canvas or paper for painting or if it is a pen and ink piece it will go on paper. I use alcohol markers and Sakura Pigma pens for drawings and acrylics for the paintings. At this time all of my pieces are originals and there are no prints available. A lot of time, care and attention goes into each piece I create.

Thank you for stopping by and check back for new work!

Email me at apogeeartstudio@gmail.comscreen-shot-2016-11-19-at-4-59-18-pm

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