Apogee Art Studio

cropped-logo-apogee1.jpgThe thought for Apogee Art Studio came to me after realizing that people truly did have a desire for my art work. For awhile now I have been hanging art on my walls and leaving them to sit between the plastic pages of my portfolio in my office…knowing that as long as I harbored them to myself no one would be able to judge my art, negatively or positively. Art is, after all, personal.

Whether I am creating a piece for someone else or for myself, creating and finishing a piece brings me great joy.  After conducting research on the topic of selling art work and how to be an “artist” I have discovered, there is no scientific researched based approach to the matter.  Thus my hope for this adventure is to make cool stuff, meet rad people and enjoy the process. I will see Apogee Art Studio as a success if I accomplish those things.

I invite you to follow the journey of a coastal small town girl and her art work in the Oak City.


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